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Nose, chin, profile... these are some of the most common features that lead to self-consciousness in otherwise confident patients who visit my office for consultation.  We are born with the blueprints for how our noses, chins and facial bone structure develop. Accordingly, our profiles and facial balance will develop in a particular way as we reach adolescence and maturity. Sometimes they develop disproportionately.  Often, in caucasians, this diproportion manifests in a small or retruded chin, and a small lower face.  The aesthetic result may range from an apparent “double chin” to pre-mature signs of aging, such as seen in the patient below.   Rebalancing facial structure without changing the natural appearance of a patient’s face, may involve augmenting or enlarging the chin, cheek bones or jawline, or refining the nose to make it more proportional to the rest of the face.  The optimal rebalancing is a combination of art and science, using prescribed measurements and proportions that are derived from special x-rays and the skilled, experienced eye and hand of a qualified surgeon.

The surgery can have dramatic effects in rebalancing the face, both from profile and front view.  It can also have a dramatic effect on the signs of facial aging, both present and future.

This patient exhibited facial disproportion pre-operatively. Chin retrusion resulted in skin and soft tissue laxity around the neck and jaw-line compunding the signs of aging. A sliding genioplasty and conservative rhinoplasty performed by Dr. Fialkov have improved her facial proportion,  reduced the aged look of her lower face and given her better facial balance.  She did not have any neck or face lift, nor did she have liposuction.


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